Welcome To The Malani Premier Rewards Program

Earn points that you can redeem for cash value towards your next purchase. Malani Jewelers is proud to award points to all of our loyal clientele!

Our Loyalty/Rewards Program is simple and free. Earn cashback value on your purchase and redeem your points towards Jewelry, Watches, Services, and Gifts!

Earn Points On Every Purchase*

Earn Cashback Value*

Redeem Points For Jewelry

Unlimited Rewards

Redeem At 500 points

Why is Malani Jewelers Premier Rewards Program the Best Rewards Program?

  • Simple and Accessible

    Our loyalty program is straightforward and accessible to all clients, regardless of their shopping frequency or purchase history. No tiers, no complications – just pure rewards for your loyalty.

  • Earn Points on Every Purchase

    Whether you are treating yourself to a stunning necklace or gifting a loved one with a timeless watch, every jewelry or watch purchase earns you points. Plus, with automatic point accrual, you do not have to worry about missing out on rewards.

  • Generous Cashback Benefits

    Enjoy cashback value on your jewelry purchases. That is right – as you indulge in the exquisite craftsmanship of Malani Jewelers, you are also accumulating rewards that can be redeemed towards your next purchase or service.

  • No Restrictions on Redemption

    Once you have accumulated a minimum of 500 points, you are ready to unlock the benefits. Redeem your points for cashback value towards jewelry, watches, services, and even gifts of your choice. The possibilities are endless!

Unlock Your Rewards Today!

At Malani Jewelers, we believe that your loyalty should be celebrated and rewarded. That is why our Premier Rewards Program is designed to elevate your shopping experience and make every purchase even more memorable. Join us on this rewarding journey and start earning points with every purchase. Your next exquisite jewelry purchase might be closer than you think – and with our loyalty program, it is also more rewarding than ever.

General FAQ's

Who is eligible to join the Malani Jewelers Premier Rewards Program?
Our Premier Rewards Program is open to all clients who shop at Malani Jewelers. There are no membership fees or tier requirements – it is our way of thanking you for your loyalty.
How do I earn points in the Premier Rewards Program?
Simply make a purchase of jewelry or watches at Malani Jewelers, and you will automatically earn points. For every eligible purchase, you can earn cashback value in points.
What purchases qualify for earning points?
Points are earned exclusively on jewelry and watch purchases. However, certain items such as bullion, repairs, deal items, and heavily discounted items are excluded from earning points.
How do I redeem my points?
Once you have accumulated a minimum of 500 points, you can redeem them towards your next purchase or service at Malani Jewelers. Simply present your valid identification at the time of redemption, and our associates will assist you with the process.
Do my points expire?
Yes, points expire every 3 years if left unused. We recommend staying informed about your points balance and making the most of your rewards before they expire.
Is there a limit to the number of points I can accumulate?
No, there is no maximum limit on the number of points you can accumulate. The more you shop with us, the more rewards you can earn!
Can I check my points balance and transaction history online?
Unfortunately, we do not offer online access to points balance and transaction history at this time. However, you can always inquire about your points in-store, and our friendly associates will be happy to assist you.
Can I combine points with other offers or discounts?
Points cannot be combined with other offers or discounts unless explicitly stated. However, they can be used alongside promotions specifically designated for our Premier Rewards Program members.
How can I enroll in the Premier Rewards Program?
There is no need to enroll separately – all clients are automatically enrolled in our Premier Rewards Program from March 1st, 2024, onwards. Simply start shopping, and your points will start accumulating with every eligible purchase.
Are there any restrictions on point redemption?
Points cannot be redeemed on past purchases, gift cards, or delivery charges. Additionally, points are non-transferable and have no cash value except when redeemed on purchases with Malani Jewelers.
How long does it take for points to accrue after making a purchase?
Points earned from your purchases may take up to 7 days to appear in your account.
Points are redeemable once a member accumulates a minimum of 500 points.* Point accrual will begin March 1st, 2024.* Points are not redeemable on past purchases, gift cards, or delivery charges.* Points will be accrued on a single client account for each transaction.* To redeem points for cashback value, the member account holder must be present at the time of redemption.* Reward points are not earned/accumulated on gold coins, bars, repairs, credit slips, past purchases, diamond upgrades/trade-in, or negotiated/heavily discounted items.* Points will expire if unused every (2 years).* Members will not be reminded before the expiration of unused points.* A valid form of identification may be required at the time of redemption.* Reward points earned through the program have no cash value except when redeemed on purchases with Malani Jewelers and are non-transferable.* Malani Jewelers, Inc., has the sole discretion to make all decisions regarding the program mentioned above. Additionally, Malani, Inc. shall not be responsible in any manner for any loss, delayed, incorrect or incomplete communications.Malani, Inc. has sole discretion on all changes and/or termination of points, point calculations, and reward systems.* All points redeemed are considered FINAL. Once points are redeemed, they will not be returned to the member’s account.